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These are my favorites that I’ve found so far from Wizard World Ohio. I was working the Heroes Alliance booth for most of my two days there, so I actually got very few pictures and had to rely on Jimmy Olson and the people kind enough to text me photos they took. If you happen to see any pictures of me from this con, please let me know, there are a few I’d love to see!

The top pic is a lovely lady I met at the con (Falcon introduced us), and by far the best Castiel I saw all weekend!

The third row, center picture is Michael Golden signing my suit! Now I just have to run into Chris Clairmont at a con and have him sign my other shoulder!

Oh, and the pic I want most to find is one of me with Steampunk Jim Henson & Kermit, so if you see it…

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    Awesome Rogue from Ohio Comic Con. I had so much fun there this year!
  2. winesmart said: OMG WHY didn’t you and Gambit embrace (no skin contact, of course!)??
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